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Remote Tech Support for Your Computer Problems via Voice Chat and Screen Sharing.
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    What is 24Geeks?

    24Geeks is a platform where you find geeky friends to help you with technology troubleshooting and tutoring. Your geek friend will help you one-on-one via voice chat and screen sharing.

    We can provide support almost to all your technical needs!

    Home Users

    • Virus Removal Service
    • MS Office Tutoring
    • Wifi Troubleshooting
    • New Gadgets Tutoring Online
    • Windows Installation Troubleshooting

    Help for Developers

    • Code Mentoring
    • Get Your Bug Fixed
    • Learn How to Code
    • Pair Programming
    • Code with a Senior Programmer
    • Become a Freelancer

    IT Support For Startups

    • SaaS Help Desk
    • Software Training for Employees
    • Pair Programming for CTOs
    • IT Troubleshooting

    Software Development Services

    • Website Designing & Development
    • Graphic Designing
    • Mobile & Web App Development
    • MVP Development
    • Desktop Software Development

    Technology sometimes can be a pain in the neck, let your geek friends handle it so you spend your time on what matters the most.

    How Does it Work?

    One Click

    By clicking the "Call Now" button you get connected with an IT expert immediately. No user registration required!

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    The IT expert will help you with your computer problem via screen sharing and voice chat. No installation required!

    Pay what You Want

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    Pricing - Pay What You Want!

    Pay what you want (PWYW) is a pricing strategy where buyers pay their desired amount for a given service, sometimes including zero. If you liked our service, you can pay whatever you want, perhaps a coffee money.


    * Our customers paid an average of $10 per hour.

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    Klaus Zimmer
    Smart People. Smart Ideas. Smart Solutions.
    Mahdi Bayat
    You will enjoy both the time-saving aspect and your access to a team of young experts!
    Fritz Stavenhagen
    Since I started using 24geeks my computer is as fresh as I bought it in the shop.
    MassĂșod Hemmat
    This website innovates through coding so that you renovate through learning.
    I believe the platform for solving tech issue online in a few minutes is incredible.
    Vesko Stefanov
    Only one click and I got my PC problem solved. Amazing!

    We provide support for all type of devices!

    Support in all Devices

    No matter which operating system or device you use, we got them all covered!

    Customer Satisfaction

    All three level of our tech support will do their level best to solve the problem you are facing. If the problem was unsolvable, you have a choice of not paying a single penny.

    You can't believe something until you try it! Give us a call now.

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    Online Geeks

    When you call, one of the following geeks will pick your ticket.

    Aemal Sayer
    Tim Budweg
    Hussain Danish
    Arun George
    Noriezel de Galicia
    Gabriel Sanchez
    Norelsa Acosta
    Ankit Jariwala
    Pramesh Agarwal
    Abdul Saboor Mobarz
    Jagdarshan Singh
    Aedonis Marzan
    Kavon Boucher
    Walid Sayer
    Ralph Pianar

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