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    What is 24Geeks?

    24Geeks is a bug fixing platform where you find a senior web developer to help you in debugging your code together with you via video chat and screen sharing, so that meanwhile you learn coding.

    As of now we are focused on providing bug fixing services for HTML, CSS and Javascript!

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    Instantly get a senior developer over video chat and screen sharing in helping you debug your code.

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    Pay as you go per minute. First 5 minutes of all calls are risk free for you to gain satisfaction!


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    It is a bug fixing platform. Learning coding from video tutorial is all fun until you face a bug. On this platform you can find an experienced developer who can help you in fixing the bug on a live one-on-one video chat and screen sharing session.
    After you sign in you will see Call Now button, by pressing it you will be connected with the next available geek who will help you with the bug fixing.
    It will cost you only £1 per minute and you pay as you go by buying credits upfront. If the call took 10 minutes it will be £10 for the whole session. You need to buy credit in advance for as many hours as you want before hand.
    After you sign up, you get the first 15 minutes for free. Although you need to buy credit in advance for as many hours as you want before after you consume your free credits.
    Currently we are providing bug fixing service for HTML, CSS and Javascript only.
    As of now we only accept payments via Paypal.
    If you did not like the service, we will pay 100% of your remaining credit balance back.
    Yes, for most of the time, but sometimes when our developers are busy, we recommend you request a callback by using the Request Call Back form on the main page after you login.

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    +49 176 610 941 96
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    As of now we only support Google Chrome web browser. If you have already Chrome browser installed, please open this website from there, otherwise you can install Chrome Browser by clicking on the following button:
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